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Trenching/Excavation Safety: NUCA Competent Person Certification Class (Virtual or In Person- St. Louis Park, MN)

May 9 , 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Course Description:

NUCA’s Excavation Safety Competent Person Training program helps contractors train the competent person and workers. Although the responsibility for designating a competent person is the sole responsibility of the contractor, this program is designed to simplify the task by providing participants with the information and training needed to become a competent person.

The program includes the scope and application of Subpart P—Excavation Standard; definitions; general requirements; requirements for protective systems; soil classification; and handling an OSHA inspection. Each participant receives a training manual that includes a complete copy of the Excavation Standard.

Learning Objectives:

Recall fundamental excavation safety principles and regulations.
Memorize key terminology associated with soil types, shoring and trenching.
Grasp the importance of a Competent Person in excavation operations.
Understand the regulatory framework and standards governing excavation safety.
Apply soil classification methods to assess excavation site conditions.
Implement shoring and trenching techniques in accordance with safety guidelines.
Analyze potential hazards and risks associated with different soil types.
Evaluate the effectiveness of various protective systems for excavation sites.
Assess the overall safety of an excavation site, considering environmental factors and equipment usage.
Evaluate the impact of the Competent Person’s decisions on preventing accidents and injuries.
Develop a comprehensive excavation safety plan for a hypothetical project.
Formulate strategies for effective communication and collaboration with the excavation team.

Delivery Method:

This interactive course combines theoretical lectures, case studies, group discussions and practical exercises. Participants will progress through cognitive levels, gaining both theoretical knowledge and the practical skills required to fulfill the role of a Competent Person in excavation safety.