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Scissor Lift Certification Training

March 4, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Overview: The Scissor Lift Training is designed to facilitate participants to acquire both knowledge and practical skills related to scissor lift operation. The class is structured to ensure participants not only comprehend safety measures and regulations but also apply this knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Key Learning Objectives:

Safety Protocols (Understanding): Participants will demonstrate comprehension of essential safety measures, hazard identification, and relevant OSHA and ANSI regulations associated with scissor lifts.

Equipment Familiarization (Identification): Students will proficiently identify different scissor lift types, their components, and functions, moving beyond mere recall to recognition and classification.

Preventative Maintenance (Application): Participants will apply their knowledge by performing routine maintenance and inspections, recognizing wear and tear, and understanding the significance of regular servicing.

Operational Techniques (Application): In this stage, participants will apply knowledge by learning to operate scissor lifts in diverse conditions, showcasing their ability to handle load capacity, ensure stability, and maneuver safely.

Emergency Procedures (Analysis): The training includes analyzing and applying protocols for common emergencies, requiring participants to assess situations and make informed decisions.

Risk Assessment (Evaluation): Students will be trained to evaluate worksites for potential risks, demonstrating their ability to make informed decisions about proceeding with a lift operation.

Practical Hands-On Training (Synthesis): This course emphasizes the synthesis of knowledge through practical, hands-on experience. Under the guidance of instructors, participants will integrate theoretical concepts into safe scissor lift operations. This section will be scheduled onsite a different time.

Certification (Synthesis): Upon successful completion, participants will synthesize their learning by being awarded a certification. This validates their ability to operate scissor lifts safely and in compliance with regulations.

Who Should Attend: This training program is suitable for a wide range of individuals, including:

Construction workers
Warehouse personnel
Facility maintenance staff
Safety officers
Anyone responsible for operating or overseeing scissor lifts in their workplace

Prerequisites: No prior experience with scissor lifts is necessary. Participants should have a basic understanding of workplace safety and be physically capable of operating scissor lifts.

Class Format: The class is delivered in a traditional virtual classroom setting. The practical hands-on training will be scheduled after the completion of the classroom portion.*

*Note: For the hands-on training, students must be located within Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa or are current clients of OECS.