Children's Home Society
Contact: Tom Roberts
Phone: (605) 965-3138
Organization Description
Children’s Home Society is South Dakota’s oldest, non-profit, human services organization; founded in 1893 to provide care and adoption services for South Dakota’s abandoned, abused, or unwanted children.

In 1970, the Society evolved from the orphanage concept to that of residential care for children with emotional or behavioral problems. Today, the majority of children served are victims of severe abuse and neglect.

Children’s Home Society provides emergency shelter, residential treatment, special education programs, adoption & foster care services, forensic interview & physical examination centers and prevention services through the following locations:

• Black Hills Children’s Home (Near Rockerville) • Messengers Children’s Center (Rapid City) • Black Hills Child Advocacy Center (Rapid City) • Sioux Falls Children’s Home (Sioux Falls) • Children’s Inn (Sioux Falls) • Child’s Voice (Sioux Falls)

The FY 2012-13 budget is over $17 million with approximately 12% needed through charitable support.

There are approximately 260 full-time and 100 part-time employees.

Over 2,000 children are served each year from communities throughout all of South Dakota. Approximately 5% of the children come from other states, primarily Minnesota.

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