Lakota Language Weekend
Saturday, January 20, 2018
09:00 AM - 04:30 PM

Location: Southeast Tech Health Sciences Building
2320 N Career Ave, SD 57107
Location Details: Southeast Technical Institute's Health Sciences Building, classes will be held in Rooms 240 and 242
Admission: 40

Háu mitákuyepi, Sioux Falls— the Lakota Language Weekend is heading your way! The LLW is an intensive (and fun) crash course on the Lakota language and culture. Organized and taught by staff from the Lakota Summer Institute. Open to all, including beginners! COST: $25 a day | $40 Weekend WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: • How to introduce yourself • How to greet your relatives • Basic phrases for the world around you • How to build basic sentences and conduct simple conversations

This listing posted for you by Lakota Language Consortium

Event Organizer: Lakota Language Consortium
For More Information: (812) 961-0140
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